Compact lights are available  in six different colors and two lengths. The Compact Lights have an eight function memory controller that may be used indoor or outdoor. They are ideal for wrapping trees, hedges, and indoor Christmas trees.



Item # Color Lights Lengths Wire Color
781637 Cool White 1000 73.8ft Green
781657 Multi 1000 73.8ft Green
955862 Green 1000 73.8ft Green
955864 Red 1000 73.8ft Green
955866 Blue 1000 73.8ft Green
781647 Warm White 1000 73.8ft Green
781638 Cool White 1500 111.5ft Green
781658 Multi 1500 111.5ft Green
955863 Green 1500 111.5ft Green
955865 Red 1500 111.5ft Green
781648 Warm White 1500 111.5ft Green
955867 Blue 1500 111.5ft Green




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